What is the Accidental Scrapbook???

I started this blog, mostly for myself. I have absolutely no artistic talent and I have failed at scrapbooking
too many times to count. Now I am giving it another try with new supplies and scrapbooking classes.
I plan to document all the new techniques I learn here in this blog as a way to track my progress.
If I accidentally inspire someone else along the way, then that is the "icing on the cake."

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

More Cardstock Matches - Fancy Pants Designs

Today I have listed the cardstock matches I have for various Fancy Pants Designs paper line.
  • Fancy Pants
    • Beach Bum & To the Moon
      • Bazzill
        • Ruby Slipper, Festive, Spring Willow Medium, Typhoon, Sugar Cookie, Candle Glow Medium, Impatiens, Majestic Purple Medium, Majestic Purple Dark, Dusk
    • It's The Little Things
      • Bazzill
        • Peach Glow, Vintage Pink, Desert Marigold, Painted Desert, Black, Cream Puff, Champagne, Tawny Medium, Bon Bon, Pear
    • Beach Babe
      • Bazzill
        • Chablis, Intense Pink, Sunbeam, Fig Swirl, Tangelo, Red Rock, Parakeet, Brown, Nautical Blue, Vibrant Blue
    • About A Girl
      • Bazzill
        • Birchtone Dark, Classic Yellow, Rose Dark, Cutie, Mystic, Nautical Blue, Ocean, Baby Pink
    • Baby Mine
      • Bazzill
        • Quartz, Blossom, Navel, Pomegranate Splash, Ocean Breeze, Flamingo, Pear Crush, Kachina, Sea Glass, Cheddar, Simon, Vanilla, Vanilla Cream, Suede Brown
    • Dancing Girl
      • Bazzill
        • Heidi, Watermelon, Sunflower, Granny Smith, Walnut, Lily White
    • Happy Together
      • Bazzill
        • Spring Breeze, Candlelight, Artesian Pool, Tapioca, Coastal, Simon, Blue Oasis, Brown, French Vanilla
    • Hot Chocolate
      • Bazzill
        • Haley, Jetstream, Aloe Vera, Lagoon, Whirpool, Walnut Cream, Brown, Snow
    • It's Your Day
      • Bazzill
        • Sunflowers, Spring Willow Medium, Candle Glow, Marigold, Vanilla Cream, Ocean, Parakeet, Suede Brown
    • Kraft Kuts
      • Bazzill
        • Juneberry, Saguaro, Sweetheart, Razzleberry Light, Yukon Gold
    • Like Father Like Son
      • Bazzill
        • Blackbird, Butter Cream, Burning Ember, Evening Surf, Pauly-Poo, Parakeet, French Vanilla
    • Lilac House
      • Bazzill
        • Jet Stream, Heidi, Green Tea, Hopi, Wheat, Velvet, Flamingo, Brown, Suede Brown Dark
    • My Family
      • Bazzill
        • Twilight Medium, Pixie, Green Tea, Wheat, Spring Willow Medium, Diablo, Tanner, Suede Brown Dark
    • On A Whimsy
      • Bazzill
        • Green Tea, Bitter Chocolate, Jacaranda, Pollen, Sugar Cookie, Sea Salt
    • Road Show
      • Bazzill
        • Frosted Pink, Celery, Espresso, Butter Cream, Wheat, Rose, Sea Glass, Black
    • Rough & Tough
      • Bazzill
        • Night Water, Clementine, Patch, Phoenix, Butterfly, Raven, Champagne, Yam
    • Tradition
      • Bazzill
        • Jet Stream, Limeade, Glow, Candle, Hillary, Pomegranate, Parakeet, Brown
    • Trick or Treat
      • Bazzill
        • Cantaloupe, Glow, Raven, Ocean
    • Wishful Thinking
      • Bazzill
        • Rose Dark, Limeade, Aqua, Tahitian Princess, Romance, Intense Pink, Pirouette, French Vanilla

Monday, August 1, 2011

Bo Bunny Cardstock Matches

One of the most difficult parts of scrapbooking for me is trying to coordinate my patterned paper and my cardstock.  I guess I should have studied harder for art class instead of wasting all that time on math & science, LOL.  My finance degree really doesn't come in very handy when I am trying to scrapbook.  Anyway, inorder to help myself with this problem of matching colors I have created a list of some of my favorite paper lines and the cardstock that goes with them.  I have gathered this info from various websites and put it all together in one location.  This post has the Bo Bunny lines I have found so far.  This is definately a work in progress.
  • Bo Bunny
    • Abbey Road
      • Double Dot
        • Wasabi, Shiitake, Coffee, Ocean
    • Ad Lib
      • Double Dot
        • Avocado, Mint, Shadow, Ocean, Coffee, Poppy
    • Alissa
      • Double Dot
        • Blush, Clover, Aquamarine, Tutu
    • Barefoot Bliss
      • Double Dot
        • Orange Citrus, Kiwi, Powder Blue, Dark Denim, Buttercup
      • American Crafts
        • Limeade, Robin's Egg, Apricot
    • Beau Jardin
      • Double Dot
        • Licorice, Clover, Wine, Blush
    • Beautiful Life
      • Double Dot
        • Wine, Sea Foam, Chocolate, Burnt Orange
    • Blast Off
      • Double Dot
        • Harvest, Orange Citrus, Dark Denim, Powder Blue, Buttercup
    • Blitzen (Fall 2011)
      • Double Dot
        • Wild Berry, Ocean, Chiffon, Wasabi, Slate, Coffee
    • Block Party
      • Double Dot
        • Wasabi, Blueberry, Chiffon, Chocolate, Dark Denim, Blueberry
    • Boo Crew
      • Double Dot
        • Wasabi, Concord, Licorice, Orange Citrus, Kiwi
    • Calypso
      • Double Dot
        • Brilliant Blue, Wild Berry, Wasabi, Buttercup
    • Cambridge
      • Double Dot
        • Dark Denim, Olive, Coffee, Almond, Honey Mustard
    • Crazy Love
      • Double Dot
        • Passion Fruit, Strawberry, Pink Punch, Tutu, Chiffon, Chocolate
    • Crush
      • Double Dot
        • Wild Berry, Blush, Tutu, Sugar, Licorice
    • Delilah
      • Double Dot
        • Coffee, Shiitake, Flamingo, Burnt Orange, Honey Mustard
    • Et Cetera (Fall 2011)
      • Double Dot
        • Chiffon, Chocolate, Honey Mustard, Gingerbread, Coffee, Decaf
    • Father Christmas (Fall 2011)
      • Double Dot
        • Coffee, Evergreen, Chiffon, Sweet Pear, Wine, Shiitake
    • Flirty
      • Double Dot
        • Powder Blue, Blush, Wasabi, Wild Berry
    • Flower Child
      • Double Dot
        • Kiwi, Mellow Yellow, Chocolate, Turquoise, Paprika
    • Flutter Butter
      • Double Dot
        • Chiffon, Clover, Sunflower, Island Mist, Coffee
    • Forever Fall (Fall 2011)
      • Double Dot
        • Chocolate, Orange Citrus, Clover, Paprika, Turquoise, Coffee
    • Frosty Day
      • Double Dot
        • Chiffon, Decaf, Frost, Slate, Coffee, Shiitake
    • Gabrielle
      • Double Dot
        • Chiffon, Island Mist, Turquoise, Coral, Decaf, Coffee
    • Garden Girl (Fall 2011)
      • Double Dot
        • Blush, Grape, Clover, Poppy, Wine, Coffee
    • Grease Monkey
      • Double Dot
        • Dark Denim, Orange Citrus
    • Gypsy
      • Double Dot
        • Chiffon, Burnt Orange, Poppy Chocolate, Paprika
    • It's My Party
      • Double Dot
        • Orange Citrus, Buttercup, Brilliant Blue, Wasabi, Wild Berry
    • Jazmyne
      • Double Dot
        • Boysenberry, Passion Fruit, Olive, Chocolate, Coffee, Chiffon
    • Kitchen Spice
      • Double Dot
        • Chocolate, Honey Mustard, Coral, Island Mist, Paprika
    • Learning Curve
      • Double Dot
        • Dark Denim, Blueberry, Harvest, Clover, Buttercup
    • Liberty
      • Double Dot
        • Chiffon, Wild Berry, Dark Denim
      • American Crafts
        • Blueberry, Crimson, Denim,
    • Love Shack
      • Double Dot
        • Pink Punch, Aquamarine, Wasabi, Orange Citrus
    • Mama-razzi
      • Double Dot
        • Sea Foam, Island Mist, Slate, Rust, Licorice
    • Mango Luau
      • Double Dot
        • Chiffon, Orange Citrus, Coffee, Chocolate
    • Midnight Frost
      • Double Dot
        • Dark Denim, Powder Blue, Frost, Slate, Shadow, Sugar
    • My Darling
      • Double Dot
        • Mint, Pink Punch, Wine, Coffee
    • Noel
      • Double Dot
        • Dark Denim, Olive, Chocolate, Almond, Curry
    • Olivia
      • Double Dot
        • Coral, Deep Sea, Coffee, Chiffon, Olive
    • Paradise
      • Double Dot
        • Slate, Burnt Orange, Orange Citrus, Buttercup, Chocolate
    • Peacock Lane
      • Double Dot
        • Violet, Grape, Kiwi, Ocean, Turquoise
    • Petal Pushers
      • Double Dot
        • Kiwi, Orange Citrus, Licorice, Sugar, Ocean
    • Pet Shop
      • Double Dot
        • Brilliant, Chocolate, Dark Denim, Wasabi
    • Popsicle
      • Double Dot
        • Orange Citrus, Brilliant Blue, Pink Pink Punch, Wild Berry
    • Roughin' It
      • Double Dot
        • Harvest, Buttercup, Wasabi, Chocolate, Chiffon, Blueberry
      • American Crafts
        • Chestnut, Coffee, Marine, Sunflower, Spinach, Cranberry
    • Sophie
      • Double Dot
        • Mulberry, Raspberry, Passion Fruit, Kiwi, Ocean, Orange Citrus
    • Splendor
      • Double Dot
        • Licorice, Honey Mustard, Clover, Harvest
    • St. Nick
      • Double Dot
        • Wasabi, Evergreen, Almond, Wine, Wild Berry
    • Sun-Kissed
      • Double Dot
        • Orange Citrus, Buttercup, Ocean, Grape, Paprika, Kiwi
    • Sweetie Pie
      • Double Dot
        • Tutu, Sugar, Wild Berry, Licorice
    • Sweet Tooth (Fall 2011)
      • Double Dot
        • Tutu, Ocean, Chiffon, Passion Fruit, Decaf, Coffee
    • Teen Chic
      • Double Dot
        • Blush, Wasabi, Clover, Tutu
    • Timepiece
      • Double Dot
        • Almond, Licorice, Sugar, Decaf, Coffee, Chiffon
    • Tis The Season
      • Double Dot
        • Wasabi, Coffee, Honey Mustard, Ocean, Wild Berry
    • U Bug Me
      • Double Dot
        • Orange Citrus, Chocolate, Chiffon, Clover
    • Unforgettable
      • Double Dot
        • Licorice, Pink Punch, Wasabi, Wine
    • Vicki B.
      • Double Dot
        • Mint, Tutu, Chocolate, Kiwi, Bashful, Coffee
    • Welcome Home (Fall 2011)
      • Double Dot
        • Chiffon, Shiitake, Clover, Ocean, Mint, Powder Blue
    • Whooligans
      • Double Dot
        • Orange Citrus, Ocean, Kiwi, Grape, Licorice
    • Winter Joy
      • Double Dot
        • Ocean, Kiwi, Chocolate, Chiffon, Coffee

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Bring Your Stash Class

This is the layout we made last week in the Bring Your Own Stash Class at my LSS Memory Mania.  This class featured the We R Memory Keepers - Sew Easy Collection and the Bo Bunny Press Ad Lib Collection.  The brown and yellow stitching was done using actual thread while the white stitching is actually faux stitching done with a white gel pen.  If you have not tried the Sew Easy you really should check it out.  It takes a little practice but it is a great way to add stitching to your layouts without having to invest in a sewing machine.

A Great Day Layout
A Great Day Layout - Bring Your Stash Class

Monday, April 18, 2011

Easter Treat Bags

Well I finally had some time to put together the treat bags for my son's Easter Party at preschool.  I used Bazzill Bling Cardstock for the blue background and the grass.  The grass cut was done using the Martha Stewart Seasonal Cake Art cricut cartridge.  I used brown cardstock to cut the Chocolate Bunny (Easter 2010 cricut cartridge) and pink cardstock covered in stickles to cut the bow (also Easter 2010).  The sentiment is from My Pink Stamper and is from her Happiest Moments stamp set.  Thanks for looking.




Spring Bling Class

A few weeks ago I took a Spring Bling Class at my LSS Memory Mania.  I really love Deneen's classes but they sure are a lot of work.  The layouts turned out wonderfully.

The first layout, Spring Fever, uses glitter paper and stickles to create a sparkly look.  We also used flowers, gems, and brads to add embellishment.

Spring Fever Layout
Spring Fever Layout - Spring Bling Class

The second layout, Hanging with the Peeps, features We R Memory Keepers Peep Collection.  This layout was really cool because we learned how to take a stamped image and add stickles to add color and bling.  Then we cut out the stamped image and used pop dots to create the embellishments.
Hanging with the Peeps Layout
Hanging with the Peeps Layout - Spring Bling Class

Sunday, April 10, 2011

It's A Link Up Party

I have joined in the Link Up Party over at Getting Cricky and you can too!  She is giving away a year's subscription to Creating Keepsakes Magazine for one lucky winner.  If you are visiting from the link up party, thank you so much for coming!  Please leave a comment so that I know you were here and I can pay you a visit too.  If you like what you see please follow me, I will be putting together some blog candy for when I reach 100 followers.

1. Follow EVERYONE's blog in the Linky Tool
2. Leave a comment
3. Add the link below to your blog post
4. Get ready for lots of new blog friends!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My First Blog Awards

I am so excited to announce that I have been awarded three blog awards!  These are my first awards and I am so excited to know that I have actual followers out there who are enjoying my layouts. 

The first award I received is the Leibster Award which was awarded to me by Tonia at Pigtails and Paper Trails (isn't that such a cute name for a blog?).  Thank you so much Tonia!  I have also been given this award by Tiffany at Sparkled Memories.  Thank you Tiffany.

I now have the opportunity to pass this award along to five bloggers.

1. (I will add the names later)

As a recipient of this award you must do the following:

1. Thank the giver on your blog

2. Link back to the blogger who gave you the award

3. Copy and paste the award on your blog

4. Reveal your 5 blog picks

5. Let them know you chose them by leaving them a comment

The second award I have received is the Stylish Blogger Award which was awarded to me by Ruby at Handcrafted Simply by Us.  Thank you so much Ruby!


Upon receiving this award I must…

*Thank the person who gave this award to me and link back to their blog

*Share 8 things about myself

*Pass this award to 8 other individuals that I have recently discovered

*Leave a comment so that they can pass along the recognition.

8 Things about me:

1. My favorite color is Burgundy (though I buy everything I can in Pink)
2. I am a Stay at Home Mom to 2 kids (Kayla 10 and Dylan 4)
3. I have a degree in Finance (that I have never actually used)
4. I am addicted to patterned paper (especially Bo Bunny and Imaginisce)
5. I do almost all of my shopping online and the UPS guy stops by my house almost everyday (I love Amazon.com.  If they don't sell it, then I probably don't need it).
6. I love to organize.  I spend more time organizing my craft supplies than actually using them.  And don't you dare come between me and my label maker! (lol)
7.  I love to cook and bake and make everything from scratch (including my own fresh pasta).
8.  I am actually getting used to living in Louisiana even though I moved here 2 years ago from Texas literally kicking and screaming.

I would like to pass this award on to:

1. (I will add the names later)

***I will pass along the awards as soon as I get a chance, I just wanted to thank those who gave me this award as soon as possible.