What is the Accidental Scrapbook???

I started this blog, mostly for myself. I have absolutely no artistic talent and I have failed at scrapbooking
too many times to count. Now I am giving it another try with new supplies and scrapbooking classes.
I plan to document all the new techniques I learn here in this blog as a way to track my progress.
If I accidentally inspire someone else along the way, then that is the "icing on the cake."

Saturday, February 19, 2011

My New Scrapbook Area

I have been very busy setting up my new Scrapbook Area.  When we moved into this house we took some attic space and finished it off into a 5th bedroom.  Our intention was to make this room a study.  However, for almost 2 years this room has been a junk room that was so crowded with boxes and furniture that we have been unable to use it.  So my hubby and I finally decided that this room was destine to be a storage closet.  We decided to hang shelving on all the walls and in the closet and get rid of the furniture and have somewhere to neatly store our endless amounts of decorations and files and other stuff we have accumulated.  Well as we were deciding how to do this, I realized that I could use one side of the room to store my scrapbook supplies and then since the center of the room would be empty I could put in work tables.  Before I knew it, a scrapbook room was born.  I wired in some cable TV and now I have a new "Happy Place".  We are still waiting on more shelves to arrive, but here is a photo of what I have done so far.

Actually I have already added a second table in front of this one to make a large work area.  As I finish up the room I will add more photos.  I really love the pink bins I got at wal-mart that I use to store my supplies.  The shelving is all Elfa from The Container Store.  The paper sorters on the back wall are from Kaisercraft (someday I will paint them white).


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