What is the Accidental Scrapbook???

I started this blog, mostly for myself. I have absolutely no artistic talent and I have failed at scrapbooking
too many times to count. Now I am giving it another try with new supplies and scrapbooking classes.
I plan to document all the new techniques I learn here in this blog as a way to track my progress.
If I accidentally inspire someone else along the way, then that is the "icing on the cake."

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Storm Trooper Birthday Cake

Here is a quick post of the birthday cake I made for my son's 4th birthday last week.  I used my cricut cake to make a Storm Trooper Cake.  This time is used Duff's fondant from Michael's and I must say it worked great and tasted pretty good too.  The black fondant was some fondarific that I had left over from making my daughter's cake.  The cake is 2 - 10 inch rounds made from Pilsbury Funfetti and the icing is Duff's Buttercream.



JerseyJenn said...

Fantastic job!

Patty said...

That's one AWESOME looking cake!!! My husband would LOVE it! LOL!!

Stop by my blog if you get a moment...I have an award for you!


Lucie said...


Sorry, I know you posted this a long time ago, but I've got to ask..

I love this cake and would love to make one for my son's 7th birthday in a couple of weeks. How did you do the storm trooper face? It's amazing! I've not seen anything as good as this anywhere else, and I'm not sure I can pull it off.

Stephanie Ramey said...

^same question! Looking to make this and getting the trooper right is so important

BoscAna said...

Me too! Can you tell me how you made the face?

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