What is the Accidental Scrapbook???

I started this blog, mostly for myself. I have absolutely no artistic talent and I have failed at scrapbooking
too many times to count. Now I am giving it another try with new supplies and scrapbooking classes.
I plan to document all the new techniques I learn here in this blog as a way to track my progress.
If I accidentally inspire someone else along the way, then that is the "icing on the cake."

Friday, August 27, 2010

Quick Tip - Scoring

I just wanted to post this quick tip I learned at MMU orientation for scoring card stock.

  • Take your paper trimmer (the kind with a groove in it for the cutting blade - not the one with the rubber bar in it) and line up your paper like you are going to cut the paper along the line you actually want scored
  • Then take a retractable pen with the ballpoint retracted (closed position) and run the pen down the groove instead of the blade.
That's it.  I was amazed at the awesome job it did scoring my card stock and definately is the easy method I have learned so far. 


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